Fresh and Fragrant Evergreen Branches, Tips and Boughs

Connie in the Christmas Tree Lot Our first shipment of trees arrived on the same day as the first snow, 11/17/16 Picking Out an Evergreen Wreaths Mixed Evergreens and Red Berried Ilex Eucalyptus and Magnolia Leaf Wreath Boxwood wreaths at Sturtz and Copeland in Boulder, Colorado Silver Bells with Princess Pine Boughs We can add berries, fruit, flowers or ornaments to our mixed evergreen garland Elegant Incense Cedar Garland To Drape Down the Stairway Noble Fir Boughs Holly and Mixed Evergreens Blue berried juniper Magnolia leaves, juniper, and blue hydrangeas Scabiosa with blue berried juniper Silver Fir Tips Christmas Flowers with Evergreens and Magnolia Leaves Shore Pine Tips Christmas Trees in Boulder Colorado Incense Cedar Mixed evergreens with tulips All White Holiday Centerpiece Western Red Cedar Boughs Holiday flowers with mixed evergreen and ribbon Tatum with evergreen garland and wreaths Flowers and Mixed Evergreen with Red Candles Evergreen Boughs to Mix and Match by the pound White Hydrangea and Christmas Greens Douglas Fir Boughs Mixed Evergreen Wreath Boulder, CO

We have beautiful fresh evergreen boughs for all your holiday decorating. The evergreens come in several sizes from perfect tips to medium sized boughs, as well as, large branches.  Blue berried juniper and charteuse incense cedar mix beautifully with silver fir and princess pine. You can mix and match any of the eight varieties and buy them by the pound. The evergreens are perfect for decorating the mantle, making swags, or setting off your holiday flowers. We have everything so that you can do your own decorating and our designers are always happy to give you some inspiration or instructions. They can also create that perfect centerpieces or wreath just for you during this busy season. Just give us a call at 303-442-6663 and we'll even pick out the perfect tree and deliver it right to your home or business.  Our Christmas trees are grown in the Pacific Northwest and delivered directly to us. They are grown with care and are of the best quality. Order one today and we'll can even deliver it and give it a fresh cut and put it in your tree stand for you.

We also have beautiful mixed evergreen wreaths and lots of garland.  The incense cedar garland is elegant and drapes beautifully.  The mixed roping is especially nice this year.  It's full and fragrant and looks great swagged down the stairway with red velvet bows.

Garland by the foot

  • Incense Cedar

  • Mixed Evergreens

  • Mixed Evergreens customized with fruit, flowers, ribbon or ornaments.

Evergreen boughs and tips by the pound

  • Port Orford Cedar

  • Western Red Cedar

  • Shore Pine

  • Incense Cedar

  • Noble Fir

  • Blue berried Juniper

  • Princess Pine

  • Silver Fir