Save the Bees

Posted on January 8th 2016

Curtis Jones, the co-Founder and co-President of our locally owned seed company, Botanical Interests, Inc. gives us some wonderful information on saving the bees. Read More

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Recycle your summer wire hanging baskets.

Posted on December 13th 2015

With a little oasis and some mixed evergreen boughs and ribbon, you can easily make a long lasting winter hanging basket. Read More

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Happy Hanukkah

Posted on November 1st 2015

Menorahs, Dreidels, Latkes, and Blue and White Hanukkah Flowers Read More

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Water wise perennials

Posted on May 21st 2015

Xeriscaping is the perfect style of landscape design for arid regions. Read More

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Ornamental Grasses for Low Maintenance Water Wise Gardening

Posted on May 20th 2015

Read More

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