Ready, Set, Grow

Posted on February 23rd 2016

It's time to plant asparagus roots, onion sets, rhubarb burls and all of the cool weather crops from seed. Read More

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5 easy tips for a better vegetable garden in 2015

Posted on March 22nd 2015

Give your soil a boost organically without using harmful chemicals. Read More

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Pink Zazzle Gomphrena

Posted on July 13th 2014

'Zazzle' is a gorgeous, new, fuchsia pink, annual Gomphrena that loves our hot, dry, sunny Boulder summers. Read More

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"Cultivate the Farmer Within" with Maxfield's

Posted on February 28th 2014

We love Maxfield's. It's a small, new company in Denver with a mission to use recycled kitchen waste products and other sustainable ingredients to make beautiful soil conditioners that you can incorporate into your garden. These amendments will give your soil a carbon rich nutrient feast for healthier root systems, better blossoms and more fruit. Build a rich, healthy garden soil and you will nuture your family as well as Mother Earth. Read More

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Living Peacefully with Bambi and Thumper in the Flower Beds

Posted on February 27th 2014

In Boulder County we are truly blessed with over 300 days of sunshine and our beautiful mountain backdrop complete with it's fabulous "open space" system. Our biking trails and hiking paths help us to maintain our status as one of the "fittest" counties in America. Those same characteristics lead to a healthy wildlife population as well. Deer, bear, mountain lions, coyotes, foxes, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons and birds of all kinds love our environment and many of them find their ways into our yards. Read More

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