Red Roses at Sturtz and Copeland in Boulder, COWedding Bouquet with cafe au lait DahliasRed Anthuriums at Sturtz and Copeland in Boulder, COPrayer Plant and Maidenhair  FernRosemary and White HydrangeaFlowers at Sturtz and Copeland in Boulder COTropical Flowers at Sturtz and Copeland in Boulder COSucculent plants at Sturtz and Copeland in Boulder, CODracaenaWedding Bouquet with dark maroon anemonesValentine Flowers with Roses and HydrangeasBunny Garden Sculpture in Sturtz and Copeland Florists, Boulder, CORoses at Sturtz and Copeland in Boulder, COTulips at Sturtz and Copeland in Boulder, COCalathea plants in the Sturtz and Copeland Greenhouses, Boulder COBromeliads at Sturtz and Copeland in Boulder, COLindy the Parrot in Sturtz and Copeland in Boulder, COStreptocarpus Plants at Sturtz and Copeland in Boulder COBridal Bouquet at Sturtz and Copeland in Boulder, COGreen Cymbidium Orchids Sturtz and Copeland, Boulder CORubrum Lily at Sturtz and Copeland in Boulder, COHibiscus Plants at Sturtz and Copeland in Boulder, CO

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Garden Seeds

Dreaming of Spring Gardens

Come in and browse the new seed racks from Botanical Interests, Lake Valley, and bbbseed. more

Schedule a class "designed" especially for you and your friends

Bring the libations and come for an evening of creative fun at Sturtz and Copeland. more

Wedding inspiration.

Let our designers help you create the perfect bouquets for your special day. more

Wedding Bridal Bouquet

We Love Weddings

Spring, summer, winter or fall, we love making bridal bouquets anytime of the year. more

Citrus Plants

Lemons, Limes, Grapefruit, Kumquats and Calamondins. Winter them indoors and summer them on the patio in beautiful pots.... more

Phalaenopsis Orchids

Easy to care for orchids with elegant flowers on gently aching stems. more

Best of 5280 Award

We are so excited that 5280 Magazine in Denver has selected us for the "Top of the Town" 2013 flower shop. more

All Green Houseplants 20% Off Through January 31st

 Trevor with Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fresh, Fragrant, Flavorful Herbs

Connie with herb plants 

See Connie's Tips on Herb Growing in Boulder Home and Garden Magazine

New Orchid Shipment


Our 5280 Magazine Feature Article

5280 Feature Article 

New Products

Beautiful Succulent Wreaths

For that special occasion, for any occasion or no occasion at all. more

Fairy Gardens

Hunter has been ordering fabulous miniature swings, bridges, garden benches, bbq's, windmills, fences and trellises. more

Garden Sculpture

Works of art to help create the perfect garden ambience indoors or out. more

Small Green Pots


Indoor and outdoor pottery for all your houseplants, patio pots and French Gardens. more

Stonewashed Praying Monk

This 20 inch volcanic ash praying monk wears traditional clothing and footwear with a beaded mall around his neck. Weatherproofed... more


New shipment of indoor and outdoor fountains. more

Kuan Yin Statues in Boulder, CO

New Statuary for the Garden

Ganesh, Kuan Yin, Jizo, Buddhas more

Eco-concrete Campos table and stools

Eco-Fiber Cement Furniture

Simple, elegant and practical, these pieces are made in Vietnam with stone and natural jute fibers from the Mekong River... more