White Echinacea in Boulder ColoradoFlower arrangement with blue hydrangea and peach roses.Perennial Gaillardia at Sturtz and CopelandFloral design with blue hydrangeaTrevor in Greenhouse with Pink Mandevilla PlantRudbeckia in the Garden Center of Sturtz and CopelandBird Feeder at Sturtz and CopelandFairy Garden Class at Sturtz and CopelandPerennial Rudbeckias at Sturtz and CopelandRed Dahlia PlantFairy Garden Farmhouse and Farm Animals Boulder COBegonia plants at Sturtz and CopelandFairy Garden Houses in Boulder COBride in Boulder ColoradoBuddha Statue and Bird Bath in the Garden CenterJizo statue in fern gardenPassion flower plants in full bloom in Sturtz and Copeland

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Swiss Chard

Cool Weather Veggies

It's Time To Plant Cool Weather Veggies There's a feeling of fall in the air and it's time to shift gears in the garden.... more

Double Yellow Tulips

Complimentary Bulb Class by Todd McNulty from Van Bloem Gardens

Saturday September 12th at 10:00. Call 303-442-6663 to register. more

Zinnia and Dahlia Bridal Bouquet

Complimentary Wedding Consultations

Call or come in today to set up a free wedding consultation with our designers. more

White peonies and clematis with lavender and succulents

We Love Weddings

Spring, summer, winter or fall, we love making bridal bouquets anytime of the year. more

Mongolian Bells Clematis

Sustainable perennial gardening

Xeriscaping is the perfect style of landscape design for arid regions. more

Ornamental Grasses for Low Maintenance Water Wise Gardening


Julia Child has buttery gold blooms and a licorice clove fragrance

It's easy to plant a sustainable rose garden in Boulder.

Start with our disease resistant, winter hardy, water wise plants. more

Floral Design Classes with Autumn and Heather

Schedule a class "designed" especially for you and your friends

Get a group together for an hour or two of creative fun at Sturtz and Copeland. more

Ladybugs for Natural Pest Control

Everyone loves ladybugs with their bright scarlet, orange or yellow bodies, small black spots on their wing covers, and... more

Free Bulb Class September 12th at 10:00Fritillaria Bulbs  Perennials and Annuals   20% to 50% OffZinnia

Houseplants 20% Off

Trevor with Fiddle Leaf Fig

Winter Pansies and Fall Mums are Ready to Plant

Winter Pansiess

Monrovia Can't find something special. We now have a partnership with Monrovia. Order online from monrovia.com and pick your plants up at Sturtz and Copeland.

Wonderful New Pottery

new pottery

New Products

New Shipment

Fall Mums, Winter Pansies Asters and Rudbeckias Ready For Planting more

Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinths

Think Spring! Our Holland bulbs have arrived! more

Raw Honey

Pure honey, bee pollen, creamed cinnamon honey, honey straws, balms and lotions from Busy Bee Farms in Larkspur, Colorado... more

Talavera Mexican Pottery

Beautiful Pottery

Indoor and outdoor pottery for all your houseplants, patio pots and French Gardens. more

Jizo the Protector of Travelers, Women and Children


Jizo is the great and beloved protector of women, children and travelers. In his Namaste pose his warm and smiling presence... more

Fairies for Gardens Boulder CO

Fairy Gardens Delight Young and Old

All it takes is a little imagination. more

Garden Sculpture

Works of art to help create the perfect garden ambience indoors or out. more

Stonewashed Praying Monk

This 20 inch volcanic ash praying monk wears traditional clothing and footwear with a beaded mall around his neck. Weatherproofed... more


New shipment of indoor and outdoor fountains. more

Kuan Yin Statues in Boulder, CO

New Statuary for the Garden

Ganesh, Kuan Yin, Jizo, Buddhas more

Eco-concrete Campos table and stools

Eco-Fiber Cement Furniture

Simple, elegant and practical, these pieces are made in Vietnam with stone and natural jute fibers from the Mekong River... more